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Sale Villa in Palmeraie Marrakech
LOT : 5400 m² LS : 1200 m² 5 5

Beautiful atypical villa shared between tradition and modernity

2 800 000€
Sale Villa in Ourika road Marrakech
LOT : 10000 m² LS : 700 m² 5 5

High standing contemporary villa

2 100 000€
Sale Villa in Palmeraie Marrakech
LOT : 6300 m² LS : 1200 m² 11 11

Beautiful beldi chic style Villa with traditional architecture and a garden full of bougainvillea’s, roses, trees and palm trees

2 200 000€
Sale Villa in Targa Marrakech
LOT : 2500 m² LS : 860 m² 7 7

Beautiful Villa Riad in a green oasis located 15mn from the city center and close to all amenities

890 000€
Short term rental Villa in Ourika road Marrakech
LOT : 600 m² LS : 380 m² 4 4

Beautiful contemporary style high standing Villa

From 620€ / Night
Short term rental Villa in Fès road Marrakech
LOT : 20000 m² LS : 985 m² 10 10

Beautiful spacious, bright contemporary Villa with great comfort

From 1 740€ / Night
Long term rental Villa in Amizmiz road Marrakech
3 3

Beautiful mixed style Villa combining charm, comfort and well-being

3 750€
Short term rental Villa in Amizmiz road Marrakech
LOT : 1000 m² LS : 235 m² 3 3

Beautiful mixed style Villa combining charm, comfort and well-being

From 790€ / Night
Sale Riad in Close to Medina Marrakech
LOT : 140 m² LS : 240 m² 5 5

Charming Riad / Guest House offering a modern and refined atmosphere while respecting traditional moroccan materials

520 000€
Sale Riad in Medina Marrakech
LS : 65 m² 3 3

Beautiful brand new Riad ideally located and secure located in the Medina of Marrakech and adjacent to the Saadian Tombs

390 000€
Featured Sale Riad in Medina Marrakech
LOT : 500 m² LS : 430 m² 7 7

Authentic and traditional Riad with beautiful worked wooden ceilings and moldings

850 000€
Featured Sale Riad in Medina Marrakech
LS : 160 m² 4 4

Very beautiful contemporary Riad 3 minutes from the Jâmaa El Fna square

450 000€
Short term rental Riad in Medina Marrakech
5 5

Magnificent Riad at the northern end of the Medina

From 800€ / Night
Short term rental Riad in Medina Marrakech
7 7

Beautiful 4-Star Riad for short term rental

From 600€ / Night
Short term rental Riad in Medina Marrakech
18 18

Beautiful Riad ideally located in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech

From 2 200€ / Night
Short term rental Riad in Medina Marrakech
LS : 140 m² 5 5

Authentic and pretty Riad for short term rental

From 325€ / Night
Sale Apartment in Hivernage Marrakech
LS : 130 m² 2 2

Very beautiful, bright and modern apartment in the heart of Hivernage area

450 000€
Sale Apartment in Majorelle  Marrakech
LOT : 400 m² LS : 400 m² 3 3

Magnificent exceptional Duplex located on the 4th and 5th floor of a recent prestigious residence

1 820 000€
Sale Apartment in Hivernage Marrakech
LOT : 145 m² LS : 145 m² 3 3

Beautiful and big flat on the 2nd floor of a secure residence

340 000€
Sale Apartment in Hivernage Marrakech
LOT : 75 m² LS : 75 m² 2 2

Beautiful and Big apartment on the 4th floor of a secure residence in the heart of Hivernage area

265 000€
Long term rental Apartment in Hivernage Marrakech
LOT : 153 m² LS : 113 m² 3 2

Beautiful apartment located on the 1st floor of a secure residence in Hivernage area

1 455€
Featured Long term rental Apartment in Hivernage Marrakech
LOT : 10000 m² LS : 400 m² 3 2

Nestled in the shadow of the prestigious M Avenue, this magnificent exceptionally bright Duplex extends over 400 sq

5 000€
Long term rental Apartment in Hivernage Marrakech
LS : 250 m² 3 2

Duplex located on the 3rd floor of a beautiful luxury residence

1 315€
Long term rental Apartment in Hivernage Marrakech
LS : 310 m² 3 3

High standing apartment located on the 3rd floor of a quiet and secured residence

3 200€
Sale Villa Riad in Bab Atlas Marrakech
LOT : 880 m² LS : 300 m² 3 3

Pretty Villa / Riad in a secured residence with swimming pool and spa

410 000€
Sale Restaurant in Hivernage Marrakech
LS : 1030 m²

Titled restaurant on sale located within one of the main avenues of Marrakech between Guéliz area and Hivernage area

990 000€
Short term rental Villa Riad in Hivernage Marrakech
LOT : 480 m² LS : 300 m² 4 4

Beautiful Villa / Riad located in a prestigious 5* hotel at the crossroads of the main centers of interest of Marrakech

From 870€ / Night
Sale Restaurant in Gueliz Marrakech
LS : 300 m²

Beautiful refurbished estaurant in Guéliz area

From 380 000€


Forged by many years of experience and enriched by our cultural and linguistic diversity, The KNA team is ready to guide you in your quest for the property of your dreams in Marrakech. From traditional riads to sumptuous villas through designer apartments and thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector in Marrakech, we have the necessary expertise to find the rare gem that suits you.

Present in the luxury real estate market for more than 10 years, we offer our clients unique services and tailor-made support that make us one of the most renowned real estate agencies in Marrakech

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Local Expertise
Local Expertise

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the professional and personal real estate market and our experience in Marrakech for informed advice.

A rich and varied portfolio
A rich and varied portfolio

Discover our unique selection of exceptional properties, from historic riads to modern villas, to find your ideal residence in Marrakech

A Personalized Service
A Personalized Service

Benefit from dedicated support from our team, from the search for your Property to a selection of partners (banks / lawyers / notaries / construction company, etc.). Until the purchase or rental of the Property that suits you, with a tailor-made service that will make your search smooth and pleasant



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Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Marrakech, a city that harmoniously fuses tradition and modernity. Nestled at the foot of the majestic Atlas Mountains, this iconic city offers a unique palette of colors, aromas and sensations.

Marrakech is much more than a destination, it is a sensory and cultural experience. As specialists in luxury real estate in the captivating city of Marrakech, we are proud to guide you in the purchase of exceptional properties



08 February 2024

How to quickly sell your property in Marrakech? Have you decided to put your property for sale in Marrakech, but do you want to avoid long waiting times and conclude the transaction quickly? Do not look any further. Here are the foolproof strategies to sell your property more quickly and efficiently. Highlight your property’s assets The first crucial step to selling your property quickly is to present it in the best light. Make sure the property is clean, well-maintained and depersonalized. Professional quality photographs highlighting the strong points of your property are essential to attract potential buyers. You can also carry out Home Staging to make your home more presentable. Take advantage of additional advice to better sell your property on Set a price consistent with the local market The pricing of your property plays a determining role in how quickly it sells. Conduct in-depth research on the Marrakech real estate market to determine a competitive and attractive price. Pricing too high can deter buyers, while a fair and reasonable price will attract more interest. Use a local real estate agency Working with a local real estate agency in Marrakech can greatly speed up the sales process. Experienced real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of the local market, as well as an extensive network of potential buyers. Their expertise and experience will help you navigate the sales process effectively. Use a multi-channel marketing strategy Marketing your property through different channels is essential to reach a wide audience of potential buyers. In addition to online platforms such as real estate agency websites and social media, consider advertisements in local newspapers and signage near your property to increase visibility. Organize structured and flexible visits Make it easier to visit your property by organizing structured and flexible visits. Make sure the property is available to view at convenient times for potential buyers. Well-planned, hassle-free tours can generate immediate interest and speed up the sales process. Be flexible in terms of negotiation Flexibility in negotiation is crucial to quickly closing the sale of your property. Be prepared to negotiate on price, payment terms and any repairs or improvements requested by the buyer. An open and collaborative approach can make it easier to close a transaction as quickly as possible. Remain responsive and engaged Finally, remain responsive and engaged throughout the sales process. Respond promptly to potential buyers' questions, provide requested information as quickly as possible, and demonstrate your willingness to complete the transaction efficiently and transparently. An engaged and cooperative salesperson inspires trust and promotes a quick conclusion of the sale. Offer exciting benefits To attract more potential buyers and stimulate interest in your property, consider offering attractive perks. This may include benefits such as a long sale or even the inclusion of additional equipment in the deal. Well-designed incentives can give your property a competitive edge in the market and encourage buyers to act quickly. Present a complete and organized file Make the purchasing process easier for potential buyers by presenting a complete and organized file for your property. This includes all relevant documents such as title deed, building plans, building permits and land surveys. A well-prepared and easily accessible file demonstrates your professionalism as a seller and reinforces buyers' confidence in the transaction. By following these foolproof strategies, you can maximize your chances of quickly selling your property in Marrakech. Use a trusted local real estate agency, highlight the strengths of your property and be prepared to negotiate flexibly. With the right approach and commitment, you can close a successful sale as quickly as possible.
23 August 2023

Marrakech, with its bewitching charm, sunny climate and thriving cultural scene, has become one of the most sought-after destinations for real estate investors. Here are some reasons why investing in real estate in Marrakech can be a lucrative opportunity: Appreciation of Value: The real estate market in Marrakech is constantly growing. Investors benefit from a large supply of residential and commercial properties, which can lead to significant appreciation in property value over the long term. Growing market Marrakech is experiencing sustained economic development, with an increase in tourism, modern infrastructure and a growing demand for quality accommodation. This creates an environment conducive to real estate investment. Attractiveness for foreign investors Morocco has put in place measures to encourage foreign investment in real estate, which makes it easier for non-residents to buy real estate. This opens the door to an international clientele of potential buyers and tenants. N.B: More information on request ( Prosperous Vacation Rental As a popular tourist destination, Marrakech offers excellent vacation rental opportunities. Investors can generate substantial income by renting out their Properties to visitors seeking an authentic experience. Quality of life and lifestyle Buying a property in Marrakech is not just a simple financial investment, it is also an investment in a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life, between rich cultural heritage, entertainment options and unique culinary delights. Our team of real estate experts in Marrakech is here to guide you through every step of your investment journey. Whether you want to acquire a luxury villa, a traditional Riad or a modern apartment, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions. Investing in real estate in Marrakech means investing in a city that is evolving while preserving its unique identity. Discover the lucrative benefits of real estate in Marrakech and be part of history by creating opportunities for yourself and future generations.
16 August 2023

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the exclusivity and refinement of Marrakech! If you are looking for a luxurious life in the heart of this enchanting city, you have come to the right place. In this article, we invite you to discover the most prestigious districts of Marrakech, where luxury and high-end lifestyle meet to create an exceptional residential experience. Marrakech is a city that embodies elegance and charm, and its neighborhoods reflect this unique vibe. If you aspire to live in a sumptuous setting, here is a list of the most popular areas for luxury living in Marrakech:   Palmeraie Nestled in the middle of an oasis of palm trees, the Palmeraie offers an idyllic setting for a life of luxury. With its vast villas in traditional or contemporary style, this peaceful enclave guarantees privacy, serenity and elegance. See also: our selection of luxury villas for sale in the Palmeraie Hivernage Located near the city center, Hivernage is a chic residential area lined with luxury hotels, fine restaurants and high-end boutiques. The spacious apartments and penthouses offer panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. See also: our selection of luxury apartments for sale at Hivernage Gueliz In the heart of Marrakech, Gueliz is a modern and dynamic district, renowned for its designer boutiques, art galleries and trendy cafes. Luxury apartments and stylish lofts are popular with those looking for an urban lifestyle. See also: our selection of luxury apartments for sale in Guéliz The Medina If you are looking for authenticity and historical charm, the Medina is the ideal place. The Riads of the Medina offer unique residences with beautifully restored interior courtyards, lush gardens and a bewitching atmosphere. See also: our selection of luxury riads for sale in the Medina Amelkis This exclusive district is home to the prestigious Amelkis golf course and luxury residences that blend harmoniously into their green surroundings. It is the perfect place for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers. See also: our selection of luxury villas for sale in Amelkis Whether you're drawn to the historic ambience of the Medina or the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Gueliz or Hivernage, our team of Marrakech property experts are here to guide you in choosing the neighborhood that best suits your needs. to your preferences and lifestyle.        


Investing in luxury real estate in Marrakech offers a unique and attractive opportunity for savvy investors. Renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, Marrakech has become a magnet for wealthy individuals seeking both an extravagant lifestyle and a profitable investment. The exquisite blend of traditional Moroccan architecture and modern amenities creates an alluring ambiance that attracts high-end travelers and real estate seekers. With a steady influx of international tourists and a growing reputation as a luxury travel destination, demand for exclusive accommodations has exploded, positioning luxury real estate as a lucrative investment option. Additionally, Marrakech's stable real estate market, coupled with government policies favorable to foreign investors, provides a secure and promising environment for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Whether as a vacation home, rental property or long-term asset, investing in luxury real estate in Marrakech promises not only potential financial gains, but also the opportunity to own a piece of the enchanting timeless appeal of this enchanting city.


Discover the ultimate refinement now through our e-catalogue highlighting our exceptional villa currently for sale. Immerse yourself in an oasis of luxury and elegance, where every detail embodies the charm of Marrakech. Explore the lavish spaces, panoramic views and exquisite design that define this unique residence. Whether you are considering an investment or a lavish retirement, our e-catalogue offers you a captivating overview of this extraordinary opportunity.



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